New qNano Gold

The qNano Gold measures particles using the TunableResistive Pulse Sensing (TRPS) principle. TRPS is the mostpowerful particle measurement system available for nano and sub-micron particle measurement and analysis.

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The main advances for the qNano Gold are:

  • New software and reagents improve usabilityand time to result

  • New algorithms improve dynamic range and accuracy

  • Extensive protocol validation, through a seriesof international academic trials

  • Fastest EV preparation and characterisationwhen combined with the new qEV columns 

    The qNano Solution

    • Hardware including base instrumentand variable pressure module (VPM)

    • Laptop (optional)

    • Software suite, including future upgrades

    • Training kit

    • Training and certi cation programme

    • Scienti c support for method developmentand quality assurance

    • Consumables:

      • nanopore membranes

      • calibration particles

      • Izon coating reagent for biological sample analysis

    • Complementary qEV sample preparationsystem for EV puri cation 

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