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产品特点: 1. 高载量 2. 低残留 3. 高产率 4. 耐碱洗

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High DBC >60 (6min) & 40 mg/ml (2min) 


Stable up to 100 cycles at 0.5M NaOH, 300 cycles at 0.1M NaOH 

Quality of purification 

High purity mAb and low non specific binding 

>2 log reduction in (>99% removal of HCP and DNA) 


Low protein A leaching 


Rigid matrix - Easy to pack and reproducible packing 

Ex. D 30cm, BH 19.8cm, Plate count > 5,000, As 1.17 

Elution Profile 

Sharp elution profile: >15% reduction in elution volume 

Flow Properties 

Suitable pressure flow properties for LS production. Operational range of 400cm/hr. ~ 3bar 

Eliminate expensive & hazardous cleaning agents (GU-HCL) 

Stability in NaOH alkali conditions 

Recommended cleaning condition 0.1M - 0.5M NaOH (15min) 


Significant cost savings compared to other comparable products 

Approx > 30% - 40% reduction in COG 

Formal Supply Agreements 

JSR will execute formal supply agreements with inventory program(s) and long term pricing 

Formal Quality Agreements 

Formal assurances of expertise and responsibility in the activities contained in the Quality Agreement 

Support file 

Regulatory Support File and Drug Master File available 

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